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1 with his debut single "You Make Me Wanna..."; he would not return to the top of the UK singles charts until 2004.

Although Usher's resurgence was yet to come, the lead singer of The Stone Roses was to resurge this year. Oasis also scored their 4th UK chart topper in January, which was their last release for two years as they embarked on a massive world tour which brought along the expected controversy and increased publicity for the band.

Ian Brown released his debut solo single "My Star" which peaked at #5. Throughout the year, girl groups remained prevalent. 4 with their debut single in late 1997, clocked up 3 chart toppers across the year.

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They did not release any new material during 1999, but returned to the charts in 2000.

Irish quartet B*Witched receive great success across Europe and even mild success in the US.

Comprising Irish folk with mainstream Western pop, they scored many hits.

Their debut single "C'est la Vie" made them the youngest group to debut at No. Dance-associated "Rollercoaster" and emotional ballad "To You I Belong" quickly became 2 more UK chart toppers for the girls.

Cleopatra made up of three sisters from Manchester. Success was made easy for The All Saints and B*Witched because of the declining career of the Spice Girls.

Cleo, Zainam & Yonah had major success in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States their first 4 singles went straight into the top 5 and later that year they were signed to Madonna's U. Their third release from their second album, Spiceworld, "Stop" was a minimal hit in the US and became their first single to fail to top the UK charts, ending the run of consecutive #1's at 6.

To make matters worse for them, Geri Halliwell (also known as Ginger Spice) announced her departure from the group on the 31 May after missing various concerts and an appearance on the national lottery.

Their final release from their second album was able to top the charts for 2 weeks.

This is a summary of 1998 in music in the United Kingdom, including the official charts from that year.

1998 was a transitional year for music, when the hyped up sound of pure pop from the mid-1990s began to fade and popular artists began to experiment with different styles and new artists were brought onto the scene, while previous popular artists began to fade out.

The usual domination of UK acts was continued like most other years during the 1990s.

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