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Happiness Saigon has released a new print campaign for UNICEF.

Created in conjunction with Happiness' Brussels sister agency, the awareness campaign titled #No Filter draws attention to the importance of pure water in Vietnam, especially as Vietnam is currently enduring a crippling drought.

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Through their program WASH UNICEF is active in more than 100 countries in order to improve water quality, and hygiene.

VIEW THE FIRST AD VIEW THE SECOND AD VIEW THE THIRD AD VIEW THE FOURTH AD Created for Unilever Vietnam’s Dove Nutritive hair care products - this piece of content highlights the beauty of weightless & bouncy hair.

The idea adds aesthetic value to the product's benefit by showing how beautiful hair can make music.

To bring this idea to life, the agency Ki, Saigon created The symphony machine powered by 6 industrial air compressors, connected to a main 60 valve button release switchboard, that acts as the controller/ conductor.

A 25-piece orchestra played according to the movement of the hair. VIEW THE SPOT 40 % of women in Ho Chi Minh City didn't know how to use the washing machine.

To make them see OMO MATIC as the washing machine specialist, first we needed to make them learn how a washing machine works.But instead of boring them with lectures, Lowe Vietnam incentivized education through an event no woman can resist a SALE.VIEW THE AD The vietnamese truck driver is a rolling stone. We created a community for the lonely, always on-the-road trucker.Always on the road, always short on time and attention. Through the Castrol app, we were able to gather details that helped us take care of both the driver and his truck.This allowed us to build direct relations with him and introduce ‘empathy’ to a very functional category.Agency: Lowe Vietnam VIEW THE CONCEPT 5is the Vietnamese version of e Bay and the leading online classified website in the country.

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