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News outlets reported in June that Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere will likely reprise the roles of Rayna James and Juliette Barnes.Panettiere had announced her return to rehab for postpartum depression in May the same day of 's cancellation.The actress had previously left the show in Season 4 to seek treatment.

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"Rather than stay stuck due to unhealthy coping mechanisms I have chosen to take time to reflect holistically on my health and my life." Charles Esten, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson, Clare Bowen, Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella and Chris Carmack are also expected to return.

Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept.

Jack is officially "dead" and must start life all over again with a new identity.

Well, actually it's about 8 or 9-minute look as the first few minutes just rehash the ending of Season Four."Jack Bauer" (Kiefer Sutherland), whom we last saw walking on railroad tracks out in the middle of somewhere, down in or near Mexico, is dropped off by Tony and Michelle. He meets Chole, who now looks different with her hair down, and the C. I guess I'll have to watch Season Five to find out.

On information has been posted on the release of 24 Season 5 on DVD.

I don’t think this is the FULL list of extras but finally they listed a date (December 5th) and a whole bunch of commentaries.

A US DVD cover hasn’t been announced yet (R2 Here and a R2 Season 1-5 Boxset with the coolest cover further down) but back in April fans could vote for what they wanted the cover to look like.

HERE is a link with the five covers (I voted for the bottom left) so that will give a taste to what US has in store.

Still waiting for firm confirmation on the Season 6 Prequel but I’m certain it will either be released on the Web or on the DVD….hopefully…


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