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I always say, think first and write later, and make sure your potential online dating and you are speaking in the same language (the language of love, baby! Gay singles dating online will be able to avoid many of the common pitfalls associated to conventional dating, perhaps the most important one being able to just be yourself (yes, be as Gay as you wanna be!

) without worrying what the heterosexual crowd around you may think, feel or how they might react.

At the same time, if you don’t keep an eye on the dating road, you just might fall into many of those common pitfalls online dating and conventional dating share.

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I really don’t want to tell another sad story about the gay bashing or mourn the fact that poor gays all over the world cannot get married and have children and all that crap.

Seriously, I cannot force myself to care about why I was born gay or would I be a lot happier if I were born straight. – I’m just as happy and just as miserable as the rest of you.

The whole self-hating, auto-homophobic routine just doesn’t do it for me. Together with all the other nice words needed to describe a person: huge, size, inch, long, height, weight and age, big is one of the favorite human qualities in the gay world.

The real thing that really keeps me depressed and not so ‘gay’ about love and life in general are gay singles dating in Canada. Especially if doesn’t refer to your waist but to an organ that comes a little below your waistline.

The whole dating scene is so full of stereotypes that it makes you sick after a while and you start to wonder why do you even bother trying to find somebody who is remotely normal and functions like a grown man and not a sixteen-year-old cheerleader. And believe me when I say that we gays invented the whole new concept of ‘superficial’. I don’t know if I hate them for being so superficial and judging people solely on their looks or do I hate myself more because I try to keep up with that ridiculous standards.

If you want a date, you need to be so hot and sexy and deeply in love with yourself (and possibly a female pop star of your own choice) that you really don’t need a date because all your emotional needs can be satisfied by a large mirror or any other reflecting surface around. It’s not only about the body, it is also about the clothes.If you want to be the hottest hunk around, you really need to spend half of your day in the gym watching Fashion TV while the sweat runs down your designer made running gear. I think that I losing my patience here, faster than I’m losing my extra weight.You know what else makes me want to give up on dating altogether. Every single gay Canada has on its soil will tell you exactly the same thing about gay dating like I’ve just did.They all claim that they just want a simple guy-next-door to love and cuddle in front of the TV.Also, they will claim that they don’t want to have anything to do with the stupid gays who judge by your looks.And they will say it to you while the both of you are running side by side in the most expensive gym in the city checking out the butt on your personal trainer sweating your asses off.

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